What is ClubPack?

  • We are the cycling and triathlon industry’s premier platform. We provide clubs, teams and coaches their very own FREE site. Make no mistake: though your site will be free, it will look every bit like it cost you tens of thousands of dollars. We’ve leveraged a proven technology and custom developed software which makes it possible for our team to make you a website that can launch in days (no code required, and nothing to do on your part).

Why is there nothing to do on my part?

  • We have a team of top web designers and you also get a project manager assigned to your club or team. They will make sure the site is true to your brand and will ensure that the platform is running smoothly so you can concentrate in managing your team and club.

What if I don’t like the design concept you send?

  • We provide several design concepts and work with you until you’re not just happy, but ecstatic.

Does Club Pack offer anything besides free sites?

  • By grouping you with other clubs and teams, we are also able to offer incredible deals from top manufacturers. No offense to sponsor codes (we provide those as well), but these are real, deep deals throughout the year.

Why is Club Pack Free?

  • Club Pack was launched by a company on a mission to spread the love of cycling by supporting teams and clubs. Cycling communities run more efficiently with a dedicated space on the web to communicate, schedule events, post pictures, discuss topics and or just connect fellow riders. When you’re on Club Pack, you get access to incredible buying deals and so much more.
  • We monetize Club Pack through sales on our platform.

I already have a local bike shop or manufacturer sponsor.

  • No problem! You don’t have to leave them out of your Club Pack site. In fact, we provide you with a sponsor area where you can showcase your existing supporters.

Who owns our site once you launch it?

  • We provide the site and hosting. You are the one that will manage members, upload pictures, events and even your team news. If you ever feel like you would rather not be part of the club we can help you move it off the platform and onto your own hosting provider.

Why should I stay on Club Pack?

  • Did we mention access to great deals? Besides once-in-a-blue-moon buying opportunities, when you’re on Club Pack, our engineers maintain your site to keep it running smoothly. You also get great upgrades and can make feature requests to further enhance the function of your site.
  • Once you are off the Club Pack hosting platform, we are no longer be able to provide feature updates and regular maintenance on your site.

In addition to a great looking site, what does ClubPack offer?

  • We have designed ClubPack to be your very own social media site. It’s more than pretty face…it’s an amazing home that will spur and preserve important discussions. Also, in addition to a central site, you can launch chapter, region, or skill level-based sites that can be customized with selected profiles, events, photos, news and forums.

How many users can I register on the site?

  • You can register as many team members as you would like! We’re backed by the latest technology and hosting services. As you grow, we grow with you.

How long will it take to get my site up and running?

  • Depending on the size and requirements of your team, we’ve gotten sites up in as little as 2 days!

I really like my site! Can we still have a ClubPack site and keep our old site?

  • On a case-by-case basis, we may be able to integrate ClubPack into your current site.

Will you provide me and the other administrators with training on how to manage the site?

  • Of course! Our goal is to have you up and running with all the tools you need to make the most out of the site. The site is incredibly easy to use but if you do ever need help, our dedicated team will provide you with a remote training session, and they will always be happy to assist you if you run into any bumps in the road.

How do we know our information is secure?

  • With state of the art security and technology, we have a dedicated team who is responsible of keeping your club, team, and member information safe and secure at all times.

We have a few team leaders, can I differentiate between them and the rest of the team members?

  • Because ClubPack sites are designed with clubs and teams in mind we’ve added user levels that allow you to limit or extend their privileges within the site.

What are some of the features of ClubPack?

  • We’ve put together a special page where you can check out some of Club Pack´s latest features. You can check them out here https://www.clubpack.org/features/

Who is in charge of site maintenance and updates?

  • We are! we want you to really concentrate in managing your team and club so leave the heavy lifting to us.

What if I want to update information on the main site?

  • It’s incredibly easy — our platform makes editing a breeze. But if you need help with design or maintaining a sharp site, just shoot your dedicated project manager an email and they will be happy to make the change for you.

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